Saline Water Conversion Corporation

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) is a Saudi Government Corporation responsible for the desalination of seawater producing electric power and supplying various regions in the Kingdom with desalinated water.
The corporation was established by royal decree dated 20/08/1394 H, corresponding to 07/09/1974 H, as an independent government corporation.
The corporation aims at consolidating the natural water resource in various regions and cities of the Kingdom where there are severe fresh water shortages, through the process of desalination.
The corporation is also habilitated to produce electric power as a by-product depending on economic and technical needs.
This is carried out in accordance with a comprehensive plan devised by the corporation and approved by the Council of Ministers.
The desalination of water, in addition to the production of electricity, represents the most important objectives of the development plans envisaged by the corporation. One of the main strategic goals for the implementation of these plans is to build a number of desalination plants, along with support facilities in regions suffering from shortages of fresh water supplies, based on the outcomes of technical feasibility studies.