​National TalentS™ Co. was created and shaped with a dream to implant passion for science, technology, math and engineering in our national young minds. Through experience design, operational planning, staff training and activity development, we enable CSR funds & visitors attractions clients in developing and delivering audience experiences designed to engage and inspire.

At TalentS we work in mission-driven teams with combined international and local expertise to ensure carrying out truly effective programs with the highest quality possible.

TalentS helps companies reach out to the youth of Saudi Arabia, facilitating their learning journeys, elevating their competencies and helping them reach their potentials by enhancing their skills of acquiring and creating knowledge through creative and inspiring programs.

To offer youth the best learning experience, we combine the right tools with the right practices. The tools that engage youth should have a low floor: to be simple enough to get started with; a high ceiling: to offer the ability to create complex projects over time; and wide walls: to be appealing to youth with different learning styles and preferences.